In the summer of 2014, long time friends Chase Lauer, John Gurney and Tyler Filmore, began producing and recording an independent album in Nashville, TN. Their first project, "The Lookout Mixtape," combined the talents of over 90 writers, producers, musicians, engineers and directors from every corner of the music industry. Their goal was to modernize the way artists in Nashville produce, record and distribute their music.

"The Lookout Mixtape" was always intended to be given away for FREE, but paying for hard copies to distribute was outside of the (nearly non-existent) budget for the project. That's when the idea to extend The Lookout brand and create a clothing line was born.

All of the profits from The Lookout Clothing are used to produce and distribute FREE independent music projects. Our goal is to help artists we believe in be able to create and share their music with an audience. 

Every order we ship includes FREE music from artists we work with. Additionally, most of the music we include has been produced with funds provided by people purchasing gear from The Lookout Clothing. So please, buy a hat and feed a starving artist!